A Day in the Life of an Auburn Drum Major

Meet Auburn University Drum Major, Ransom Creech! Creech is a senior majoring in civil engineering. Creech is the epitome of hard working paying off. He has been a part of the Auburn University marching band for four years and has loved every second of it.

Creech was a member of his high school marching band for four years and spent his senior year as drum major. He had several friends who were in the marching band at Auburn so it was a natural next step to join the Auburn University Marching Band. He decided to give it a try and ended up loving it. Being drum major was something he had his eye on from day one. As time went on, he got more involved in the music department and was chosen in November of 2016. “I’ve always been drawn to leadership positions and anything that poses a real challenge to myself. Being a drum major at Auburn University is extremely challenging, competitive and rewarding. Seeing how the drum majors in years past handled themselves and how the Auburn community received them made it an easy decision for me to try out,” Creech said. This is such an honor to him and counts his blessings everyday for this opportunity.

Creech has learned a lot through his experiences with the Auburn University Marching Band. The director, Dr. Corey Spurlin does a tremendous job of hammering home qualities such as integrity and work ethic. They have fairly strict rules that mostly all relate to establishing an image of the program that Auburn University and its alumni can be proud of. “The AUMB has taught me how to carry myself and be a person of integrity and high character. Dr. Spurlin tells us to be thermostats, not thermometers. We control our surroundings, they do not control us. If this idea is applied to anything in life, it will lead to success,” Creech said.

Oddly enough, just about every aspect of the drum major position scares Creech. He hates being in front of large groups of people and gets nervous easily which are two aspects of being a drum major at a large SEC school like Auburn University. “One of my favorite quotes is ‘Your fears aren’t there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.’ Being a drum major terrifies me, and that’s how I know it’s worth it.” Pregame was always the part that worried Creech the most. “I was never very good at spinning the mace. I practiced just about every day over the summer spinning the mace thousands of times so that when I was under immense pressure in front of almost 90,000 people, my routine would be automatic.” Creech has learned that with hard work and determination, you can overcome any challenge that comes.

Creech hopes to leave a legacy of kindness and hard work. He wants to be remembered as someone who was nice to everyone and never had anything negative to say about others. He always tries to be positive in every situation and turn people to look at the good instead of the bad. He also wants to be known as someone who was never fully satisfied with his craft and worked every day to be the best he could be. “I am a firm believer in self evaluation, another thing the AUMB has helped me learn. This means always reflecting on what you’re doing and analyzing what went well and what needs work,” Creech said. He hopes that others have seen this in him and makes them work harder themselves, eventually making the band even greater.

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